Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remember where you can find sympathy?

One of our big corporations has a yearly shareholders meeting which draws the attention of various groups of protesters. For the most part the protesters are very peaceful and want to make their opinions heard.

They set up their signs, stand along the sidewalk and have their voices heard about what they stand for and believe in. And of course we always hope for the best but expect the worst with contingency plans just in case things get out of hand and go sideways.

I'm sure that some of the views of these protesters are shared by many, including those of us keeping the peace there. I had one elderly protester ask me my opinion about the ecological disaster this corporation is causing in these foreign countries. Of course I have my own opinions. I politely told her that I didn't have any opinions while on duty.

As with any protest you always have those who want to cause trouble and escalate things. One group of protesters ran out into the main entrance of this corporation, sat down and had joined hands within steel tubes blocking any further cars from entering. So as a motor officer I'm tasked with closing down the right turn lane into this corporation entrance.

It's a screwy world when responsible (and I use the term very loosely) adults sit in the middle of a roadway. This litigious society of ours makes it possible for people to sue other people, corporations, and government entities due to their own head up ass stupidity.

For example use the idiots blocking the roadway entrance. If one of those loser's were run down by a car who pays? The driver? The corporation? Their security division head?, the city?, the city's police department?. Probably all of them. All because some grunge looking, unemployed, hemp wearing jackass decides they're going to make a stand and sit their ass where cars travel.

Maybe I'm wrong but I figure if you get yourself even slightly injured up to dead and everything in between because of your own stupidity, then the only person responsible is you and nobody else. Case closed. The only consolation should be their nomination for the yearly Darwin Award

I guess we could politely ask them to get up out of the roadway, yeah right. So as it goes, these idiots refuse a lawful order for their own safety and you use reasonable force to move these people, you're perpetuating the "Blue Meanies" stigma and those so called "victims" of oppression have lifetime injuries and emotional trauma..... bull shit.

As far as the police using any type of reasonable force to remove the human speed bump. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Those tambourine shaking fools and the attorneys which some of these protesting groups are represented by are going to have anybody and everybody involved in a lengthy civil lawsuit.

Hell who knows, there could still be a law suit because they were sitting on dark roadway asphalt which became pretty warm by some of the complaints the "sitters" were making.

I'm not even going get started about how the media sensationalizes events like this to boost their viewer ratings. We all know that modern journalism isn't about telling the truth. It's about selling newspapers, television news ratings, etc. etc.

Gotta love California and our laughing stock 9th Judicial Circuit Court.

So for anyone out there who does this stupid crap like sitting in the roadway, you can find sympathy for your cause in the dictionary between "shit" and "syphilis"


  1. When we run into these pvc hand locked folks, we fire up the xl saw and they often unclip and let go.

  2. Well, when the collision report says the sitter was at fault for the collision it kinda' takes the wind outta' their sails.

  3. Get a nice length of logging chain from the hardware store. Loop one end around the inseperable arms of two protestors and affix the other end to a Hummer.

    Start the engine.

  4. In tort law, what the protesters are doing is called "contributory negligence." That negates any chance of them collecting damages or prevailing on court. They caused the injuries, not the innocent motorist who hit them.

  5. Obstructing the roadway. $500 fine. Refuse to cuff up and you get to ride the lightning :)

  6. Ms. Prosecutor,

    If that were the case, the guy who runs from the cops, crashes into a pole and gets paralyzed wouldn't be able to collect either. Unfortunately, they still do.