Monday, September 28, 2009

It's even a SMALLER world

I'm sure everyone who reads this will recall a time in their life when you've come across one of those "HOLY CRAP! (or some other expletive) situations. This story has nothing to do with police work other than a couple of people involved.

This one however had no tragedy to it as we see and read on television and in the papers, this story has a great happy ending which there are not enough of.

My daughter-in-law is a really sweet girl, I should say woman. Her and my son were married almost a year and a half ago. My daughter-in-law was adopted at birth and since I've known her she has made several attempts to locate her birth mom. She was born locally and you'd think that it would be easy. Unfortunately she kept running into dead ends.

My wife was talking to me about trying to locate my birth mother as I'm also adopted. My wife walked over to our computer as she continued to talk about finding my birth mom and did a yahoo search for finding birth mothers.

She came across and saw "free search" and the word "California". The wife being the incognito private investigator that she is, typed in some of our daughter-in-law's information and very unexpectedly.... BAM! A return on the information!

All of the information matched!! Hospital, city, birthdate, gender, adoptee name and birth mom's name and delivering doctor's name! We used the usual internet search engines and located several possibilities. We called our daughter-in-law and told her what my wife had discovered. They verified the information talking as women do when they're on the phone, crying, laughing and crying again.

Her birth mom had used her maiden name on the website and showed she was married. As we further searched we learned her married name.

As we continued our search to narrow down and locate her birth mother, she called us and told her she thought she found her MySpace page. We checked it and low and behold, there was our daughter-in-law in the MySpace picture, only it wasn't my daughter-in-law. The same colored hair, same eyes, nose, cheeks and smile. They even held their heads the same way when having their picture taken.

We had found her!!!! We were so happy that our daughter-in-law's search and her birth-mother's patient wait were now over.
My daughter-in-law asked me take a picture of the MySpace page photograph of her birth mom and husband with my cell phone and send her a pix message of it. No problem, I have the technical know how to handle that one.

I looked at the man standing next to my daughter-in-law's birth mother and that's when the "HOLY FORNICATION!" (to put it nicely) situation occurred. I had to look at the picture again and repeated my earlier statement several times over.
The first name of her husband on the original website and the married name we found later now made sense.

The man standing next to birth mom in the picture is a Police Officer in the same department whom I've worked with since 2006!!! We've worked different shifts while in patrol and now bump into each other on occasion as we're both assigned to specialty positions within our department.

I called him and left a message. He later called back and the rest is history. Birth mom and daughter are now catching up on 24 years of lost time.

Yes, miracles still happen and the wife went out and bought some lotto tickets.


  1. Now that is a real feel good story. I'm really glad it worked out for your daughter-in-law and her birth mom.

    And yes it is really a small world.

    Like you and your daughter-in-law I'm also adopted. I was only two days old. It was a long time ago and the records were sealed back then. They allowed a little more information out about 10 years ago so I found out a little more.

    This year Ontario opened the records up but I'm not going to bother. If my birth mother is still alive she would be over 80. Somehow I just don't feel the need to enter her life at this point in time.

  2. My wife brought up a good point. It's never too late and to think of the extended family which may be out there waiting for you. My mom is or would be in her late 70's and I'm just starting my search.

  3. I literally started laughing with tears in my eyes. What are the chances of her husband working with you? That is just CRAZY! Anyway, thank you. That truly is a feel good story. :)

  4. Great story - thanks for sharing. Good luck with your own search!

  5. Thanks for the great "feel good" story! My Mom was adopted, also, and searched for her family.........we have a great big extended family now stretching from Alaska to Rhode Island! and even though Mom has passed away at 56, we are left with aunts and uncles galore!! It is a small world after all!

  6. Great story TWT! I hope you find yours...

  7. Thanks for the lovely story.

    I have reunited with my son and it is pure joy.
    Our successful reunion is now 6 years old.

    I hope that everyone finds the happiness we did in their reunions.

    Good luck to you all.