Thursday, November 5, 2009

Faith in the human race

Working the weekend graveyard shift many years ago made for an easy commute home as I was driving against the traffic at that time of the morning. You kind of get in that "automatic" mode of driving home, sometimes waking up in your driveway not really remembering the commute at all.

It had been a pretty busy weekend, dealing with the usual drunk drivers, bar fights, juveniles causing a ruckus about the city and yes, those damned residential alarm calls where you'd think the homeowners would now how to turn on and off.

I was driving down the interstate not really in a good mood and waiting in line to pay my bridge toll. I eventually get up to the toll booth and stick my hand out my window to hand over the toll amount when the toll booth attendant told me "The driver ahead of you paid your toll."

I don't know and never found out who that anonymous driver was. But thank you. I had been looking down at the state of the human race lately. You restored my faith.

Because of that random, kind act, I'll occasionally leave the fastrac in my other car, wait in the toll line and pay for the driver behind me.

Who knows, maybe acts of kindness are contagious. That's a pandemic I'd like to see.


  1. Acts of kindness CAN be contagious, and -- as the more spiritual will tell you -- they come back around to you. Maybe the guy who paid your toll is someone you gave a break to on a ticket, or a motorist you helped. Or maybe some other cop (or firefighter or EMT) helped him. Or maybe some stranger paid HIS toll for him.

    As cynical, sarcastic, and burnt out as I am, I still try to do 'nice' things when I can.

    Yeah, random acts of kindness are contagious. Thank goodness.

  2. Caring for people is definitely contagious. I know I always try to pass such things on and I think many do.

  3. I've known a fair number of people who've had their parking meters fed by strangers. I've only done it once, when I was waiting at a pizza shop.

    I was waiting on an older couple. The boss told me to find an old blue Buick with a rosary hanging from the rearview mirror. He told me to take a few quarters out of the register and fill the meter in front of this car.

    I soon found out why. The older gentleman told me to take my time, because "we got two hours for a quarter." I guess the boss never had the heart to tell them that this was the 90s and they were really getting 15 minutes for a quarter.

  4. While good deeds may not be contagious, I'm a firm believer in karma. The good deed usually comes back around to the do-gooder.

  5. Just a smile and a wave can make someone's day.

  6. Whenever I see a LEO behind me in a drive-thru line, I always pay for their meal. It makes me feel good and I'm sure makes them feel good too. I've also picked up restaurant tabs. I'm not doing it for notariety, I'm doing it as a way of thanking them. BTW, when I pay a LEO restaurant tab, I always tell the wait staff to not tell the LEOs I paid for them until I'm out of the building. Like I said, not looking to be famous, looking to pass on a well deserved thank you for all you do.