Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The "person of interest" turned suspect, Maurice Clemmons who has according to the numerous press releases had an "extensive violent history from Arkansas". Sentenced to 108 years for aggravated robbery at the age of 17. Then Governor Mike Huckabee commuted Clemmons' sentence. Of course because he was so young at sentencing was Huckabee's reason to commute the 108 year sentence.

We all know that the 19 years Clemmons spent in prison made him a model citizen, rehabilitated and ready to become a productive member of society..... BULL SHIT!!!!

You don't spend 19 years in prison and become "cured". You're still the same P.O.S. (piece of shit). Look at prison for these low life's as college. They end up getting their BA, then their Masters and finally their Doctorate in crime, all on the dime of tax payers.

We as a society have become too soft. When did an "eye for an eye" become politically incorrect? California carries out it's death sentence with a "cocktail" which basically puts the P.O.S. to sleep. How painful can that be? No pain at all.

They say the death sentence is not a deterrent to crime. I say if you'd get rid of the liberals and start executing death row inmates quickly instead of them carrying on their appeals for 20 plus years, get rid of the sleepy time cocktail with either hanging or the good old electric chair, you might see violent crimes go down.

But we'll never experience that, because our touchy feely society is too soft.

Clemmons had been recently arrested and charged in Pierce County Washington for third-degree assault on a Peace Officer and second-degree rape of a child.

Mike Huckabee has stated, "Should he be found to be responsible for this horrible tragedy, it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington State."

Did the justice system fail?

It looks like it worked just fine. A 108 year sentence for aggravated robbery sounds fair. Hey but lets throw politics into the mix. It just goes to show what a politician will do to get a vote. Politics let this guy out of prison. It appears that Mike Huckabee is playing "place the blame game".

He says that it was the prosecutor who screwed up and didn't file some paperwork in a timely manner. The Pulaski County Arkansas Prosecutor, Larry Jegley says it best, "My word to Huckabee is man up and own what you did."

Of course Maurice Clemmons would not have made it so far in eluding the state wide manhunt without the help of friends and family. Those friends and family members are soon to be arrested according to authorities and rightfully so. They are just as guilty of murdering those Police Officers as if they had been at the Forza Coffee Company themselves and pulled the trigger.

The Police Officer who confronted Clemmons has done a tremendous service to the citizens. Clemmons didn't obey the Officer's commands which led to the Officer having to use deadly force. Clemmons succumbed to his wounds.

Clemmons' death doesn't ease the pain and sorrow for the Lakewood Police Department and the families of the slain officers, but I'm sure they feel a sense of justice has been served.

An eye for an eye.

The Officer who fought Clemmons at the coffee shop and wounded him before dying just goes to show, NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!


  1. In his bid for freedom, Clemmons wrote, "I come from a very good Christian family, and was raised much better than my actions speak." Too bad he was lying through his teeth.

  2. Hi, I followed a link from Grumpy Dispatcher's blog here. I'm not sure if being a successful LEO comes from having a keen attention to detail, or if it is the other way around, but you do a good job of showing us how the world looks through your eyes.

    Regarding the deceased perp, it is a shame they didn't nip that one in the bud when they had the chance.


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  3. Sometimes they botch the lethal injection pretty good though, and I know it can't feel good having chloride coursing through your veins. A university did a study, performing autopsy's on those executed, and over half the time they found that the level of sodium thiopental used was not enough to render complete unconciousness. Just sayin' http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11695

  4. I am against the death sentence simply because humans are fallable, and the thought that even one innocent person was put to death due to that fallability makes me wary whole endeavor. Yes, it would be great to permanantly get rid of these criminals, but not at the expense of the possibly innocent. (Those proven innocent after DNA evidence becomes available after many years comes to mind, though I understand this is rare.)

    However, I AM in favor of prisoner labor. I've never understoor why we can't put these thousands of people to work to literally repay their debt to society. Surely companies need envelope stuffers, box assemblers, mail openers...there are many simple, voluminous tasks that don't even require that the dangerous criminals leave their secure compound. Not to mention the fun DOT litter removal, community projects, etc.

    It kills me that putting them to work is somehow 'inhumane' or 'exploitave' or what have you. And then, if on appeal it turns out they didn't do whatever it was? I'm sure some honest work didn't scar them for life.