Thursday, March 11, 2010

Butt Cold + Puddles = ICE x OOPS = "photo op"

A few months ago we had a very cold spell out here on the west coast. I rode into the parking lot of the Police Department and noticed a puddle of water had frozen during the night chill. I told myself, "Watch out for that ice when you ride out of the parking lot."

So after the rest of the motor squad arrived, we decided to head out to our local coffee shop for our morning ritual before the morning salmon run of motorists.

Just like I told myself as I rode into the parking lot, I watched that frozen puddle. I watched it as it lined up with my front fender, as it passed beneath my front tire and then both tires were on the frozen puddle. Thankfully I was the last in line which prevented any others from "dropping" their motor.

Luckily I was riding at about 5 to 10 mph when the laws of physics came into play and a remedial lesson in gravity and the coefficient of friction came into play. My motor gently (if there's such a thing in laying down 700 lbs of steel and chrome) went down and slowly spun around 180 degrees before it came to a stop, and yes I was still in the saddle.

My buddies having the situational awareness of eagles, noticed the beam of my headlight striking the second floor windows of the neighboring building. My partners being the concerned friends they are, quickly turned around.

Of course they wouldn't think of making me upright my motorcycle by myself. They all quickly parked and dismounted their motors and saw that I was now standing next to my motor uninjured.

Now as if they had practiced precision drills at opening their saddle bags simultaneously, digital cameras were produced with blinding flashes going off for several seconds. Once the photo opportunity was completed, I was assisted with righting the motor.

Once all was in order, it was back to our usual morning ritual of coffee with some small talk to go with it.


  1. If your partners are like my partners, those photo's will be popping up in the weirdest of places. Glad you weren't hurt, Be safe and ride safe!

  2. happens to the best of us at the darndest times!

  3. Reminds me of last year's annual Toy Ride in my community.

    I chose to ride sweep (tail end Charlie) so got to witness the motor officers and patrol cars leapfrog to cover the intersections as the column rode thru town.

    As we neared the end of the ride and turned the corner to the destination one of the motor officers misjudged his speed and/or distance to the stopped motorcycle in front of him. He managed to scrub off most of the speed prior to impact, but still ended up striking the stopped bike, then dropping his bike. Screech - crunch - scrape - thud.

    Only injury was to his pride, minimal damage to both bikes and only a few of us civilians witnessed it, and we were still riding, so no incriminating photos (DARN!) but we sure had a chuckle over the incident!