Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank You

As of lately complete strangers have approached myself and my motor partners just to say "Thanks" and to shake hands. It's really very kind of them to take the time to say such a simple and kind word.

Although we do this job and expect nothing in return other than we will finish our shift safely and return home to our family's, we really do appreciate your kind words and condolences.

Let me tell you of a couple of examples of the kindness we have received in our community. Most cops like coffee, be it Starbucks or Peete's (myself, I'm just as happy with Chevron coffee - it's an old graveyard shift habit). We usually grab our morning cup of coffee at one of our Starbucks locations and then sit out of public view (unfortunately because of some "anonymous" citizen had made a complaint).

After our coffee we walked back to our motors only to find a Starbucks gift card on each of them.

Another example was the day of the Oakland Officers Services. One of the local businesses where we are located knew that we were involved with the Oakland Police Department on conducting traffic control (blocking intersections) as the Oakland PD police detachment escorted the body of one of the slain officer's from the mortuary to the highway and the subsequent attendance for the services of all four officers.

Later in the day we returned to our office only to find two coolers filled with ice cold drinks for us. The person who did this, Chris, is a businessman and a resident of Oakland.

I spoke with him later and he had mentioned how he was outraged at the events, and about how the City of Oakland has been stereotypically labelled a city of criminals. I understand how he feels. Chris is an example of the many good people who chose Oakland as their home, just as each of us has chosen our own communities.

So for all the recent acts and words of kindness, I want to say "Thank You" to all of you.

Chris, "Thanks"


  1. Amen. Nice to recognized like that.

  2. Unfortunately, the turds are the "vocal minority" and nary a peep is heard from the majority of "good people" out there.

  3. I recently received a thank you in the form of a card in my inbox at the station, usually when I see an envelope in it I think, " Oh Christ, who complained now", but this was from a little girl and her family that sent a card thanking me for helping them fix a flat on the Trans-Canada on my normal patrol route. Sometimes "civvies" an surprise you!!