Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's Happening to Our Society and World?

I write this post after reading the Sunday paper. I think I'll just keep to reading the travel section, funnies and my library of classic literature. Why, you might ask? Good news doesn't sell papers or boost television news station ratings is a pretty good reason.

I guess the general public wouldn't want to watch or read breaking headlines such as, "Bessie, yellow Labrador gives birth to litter of eight!", or "Intersection at Main St and 1st St upgraded with traffic light: The only stop sign in Town replaced.", or how about "Suzy sells record number of Girl Scout cookies."

So what is wrong with our society? It's as if nobody stops to help when they see a car stranded on a roadside, heaven forbid if they witness a traffic collision and think about stopping to see if anyone was injured or stay as a witness to the events or when they're witness to a felony crime and think that it isn't their civic duty to come forward.

Last month the Law Enforcement profession lost four brave Oakland Police Officers. Since that tragedy, some pissed off loser, Jiverly Wong in Binghamton, New York walked into a classroom at the American Civic Association, which teaches English to immigrants, and helps them prepare for their U.S. citizenship test and murdered 13 innocent people.

At least he had the balls to kill himself.

While I continued to peruse the Sunday paper the headline, "Gunman kills three officers in Pennsylvania" hit me like a brick since the Oakland Police Department tragedy.

In this case, a loser by the name of Richard Poplawski was laying in wait for officers after his mother dialed 911 about a domestic dispute at their home. Shit bag Poplawski was wearing a ballistic vest and had an assault rifle.

The first Police Officers on scene were Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle. As they arrived at the home, they were met by the doorway by Shit bag Poplawski who immediately shot Officer Sciullo in the head, killing him. Officer Mayhle was standing behind Officer Sciullo and was also murdered by a shot to the head.

Officer Eric Kelly who had just completed his night shift and soon to be on his way home, heard the call of Officers down and immediately responded to the scene, only to be gunned down by Poplawski.

Those who don't work in Law Enforcement, public safety, or the military probably wouldn't understand the selflessness of our actions to come to the aid of a fellow law enforcement officer even if it meant putting our own lives in harms way.

Shit bag Poplawski held at bay the responding officers of the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Police Department for a period of four hours as Officers Sciullo, Mayhle and Kelly lay bleeding on the ground.

A fourth Officer, Timothy McManaway was shot and wounded in his hand.

Officers at the scene eventually came up with a plan of rescue. These Officers put their lives on the line to rescue Officers Kelly and McManaway. Shit bag Poplawski could have opened fire on these rescuing Officers causing more injury or death. These Officers felt it more important that they go after their brothers than their own personal safety.

Shit bag Poplawski's survival was due to him wearing a ballistic vest. That city / county will now be faced with spending tax payer money on his incarceration, trial and defense, lengthy prison term if found guilty. Pennsylvania has the death penalty and hopefully after his trial he will receive the just punishment he deserves.

The term "criminal justice", think about it... it's absolutely true. The only justice it seems that is given is to the criminals. There is very little justice for victims and their family's. I can only hope that this penalty is imposed upon Poplawski quickly, very quickly.

The restraint these Officers demonstrated when Poplawski was captured after murdering three of their own and wounding a fourth is a testament to their honesty and integrity. I'm sure there were many thoughts going through the officers minds of pumping a few slugs into Poplawski's head and saying he committed suicide or death by lead poisoning.

I'm an avid supporter of Article II (commonly referred to as the 2nd Amendment) of our Constitution which states that "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

I own guns of which some are in my home. This being said, I question the need of everyday citizens to own assault rifles. Assault rifles are not hunting rifles, they are designed for one purpose, killing soldiers, not our citizens and Police Officers of our great country.

So for those of you who read this post and if the kind headlines which I mentioned above are common place in your local newspaper, I envy you. And if such a place does indeed exist, please be kind enough to leave a comment for me. I'm looking for a new place to call home in five years when I retire. I would truly enjoy living in a community where the smaller, usually unnoticed things in life are significant. I would like to spend the remainder of my days in a place where people do not maliciously do harm to their neighbors.

I offer my sincere appreciation for Officers Paul Sciulla III, Stephen Mayhle, and Eric Kelly, that they chose a profession where they unselfishly protected the citizens of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. God Bless You and may you all rest in peace.

My heartfelt condolences to the families of the fallen officers and to the Pittsburgh, PA Police Department for their tremendous loss.

And for Officer Timothy McManaway, may you have a speedy and complete recovery of your wounds.

In our profession, losing one is too many. We've been hit hard as of lately. We won't quit doing the good we do on a daily basis. Cowards such as Jiverly Wong, Richard Poplawski, and yes Lovelle Mixon will not deter us from protecting the public we all have freely sworn to protect.

We will continue to patrol the streets of our Cities, Towns, Counties and Parishes and seek out those who are a menace to all law abiding people. We will do so with even more conviction of heart and yes, more cautiously.


  1. For what it's worth, the headlines you mentioned are pretty common fare in the Moses Lake, Wash., newspaper I work for. But don't wait until you retire, because it takes good, dedicated cops to keep this town in such a state that we can run headlines like those.

    We do have crime here, but the populace mostly stands behind the cops as well. I will never again live in a place where cops are treated like the enemy by the majority of citizens.

  2. Ironic about the location as Washington State has been one of the places I've been seriously considering to move to. Thanks again.

  3. Well put, particularly "shit bag" over and over, although I think even that term is too good for him.

  4. How funny... I was going to suggest Onalaska, Wash (just up the road from Moses Lake) as a great quiet place to retire, where good news is still commonplace. :)

    As for "assault rifles," don't be fooled. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

    According to Department of Defense publications, an "assault rifle" is a "short barrel, selective-fire rifle (ie. capable of either semi-automatic or fully-automatic firing), chambered for a medium-power rifle cartridge of relatively low recoil, making it capable of effective fully-automatic fire up to 300 yards."

    But this type of fully-automatic arm, which since 1934 has been strictly regulated by federal law, is not what the newspapers mean when they use the term, and it's not what you meant either. "Assault rifle" in this context is not a military term at all but a more generic and ambiguous description applied to any civilian semi-automatic rifle. The papers deliberately use that ambiguity to mislead the uninformed and attempt to ban anything which cosmetically "looks military" - plus a whole lot more. For example, one rifle equipped with a "civilian" wooden stock is perfectly legal, but the EXACT SAME rifle with a plastic stock and bayonet lug is banned. Does this make sense? No, it's just cosmetic.

    Also, when you say the "assault rifle" isn't a hunting rifle, that's not necessarily true. I know a whole bunch of people who regularly hunt with their semi-auto AR-15s up here in Washington. Perfectly legal, perfectly safe -- and the biggest argument against doing so is that these rifles are LESS powerful than a typical deer rifle, not that they are MORE powerful. They're just as accurate and just as deadly as any deer rifle in the hands of a good marksman.

    Anyway, that's my .02. It sucks that bad people doing bad things cause good people to want to pass laws that will only be obeyed by other good people. Seems like every time there's a mass public shooting like this, there's a huge outcry to take guns away from the people who didn't do it. Meanwhile, you're going to go out on shift and nab some guys who'll be out on the streets again before you're even done with the paperwork. Life's not fair...

    Thanks for doing what you do. Stay safe.