Thursday, April 9, 2009

What the F...!?

I was in the parking lot in front of a building which comprises several buildings in a business park doing my usual thing, writing a ticket to someone. There was nothing that made this traffic stop any different from the many others that I do throughout the day with drivers who own up to their bad driving habits.

So off goes that driver, not so happily. I'm standing at the rear of my motor writing my notes on the back of my copy of the citation. I had just finished my notes, closed up my citation book and placed it into the saddle bag.

I get on the motor and fire it up. I cleared the traffic stop via radio. I all of a sudden see about 35 to 40 people wearing white lab coats come running out of the building, yelling and screaming into the parking lot.

Due to the recent shootings of civilians, our struggling economy, people losing their jobs and becoming disgruntled, my first thought was "Oh shit, I've got an active shooter situation!" For those not familiar with the term "active shooter" think Columbine High School. That was an active shooter situation.

I keep a small satchel in my saddle bag which has a shoulder strap. This satchel is referred to as a "go bag". I keep six full extra 15 round 40 caliber magazines in there, along with a bottle of water and some energy bars for that "Oh shit" situation. This is in addition to the one ammo magazine in my duty weapon, and the two on my duty belt.

My motor partners refer to it as my "murse" or "man purse"

I quickly rode over to a person closest to where I was parked and asked them what was going on after I requested an additional unit to start my way (just in case).

This person was kind enough to tell me it was an Easter egg hunt put on by their employer. I then noticed all of these people checking through the bushes and holding up plastic Easter eggs. So I cancelled the additional patrol unit which had started my way.

He rolled up shortly afterwards as I explained the situation to him. We both had a good laugh about it, but it easily could have been that "Oh shit" situation.

I'm thankful it wasn't.


  1. Did they at least offer you an easter egg for your concern?

  2. I've been considering such a go bag myself. I'm still deciding what to put in it though. Yours sounds simple enough, with magazines, water and an energy bar. Then I've heard of coppers putting extra pistol AND rifle mags, water, flashlight, flex cuffs, binoculars, and other insane stuff in there and it starts to sound awfully large.

    I may lean towards the KISS principle. Besides, I already have enough crap in my trunk and briefcase.

  3. Officer "Smith", I stayed with the KISS principle, not a lot of room on the motor to begin with.

  4. You should have stuck around in case there were any "bad" eggs in the crowd...har har

  5. "murse" or "man purse"? I can only imagine how much that one travels through the department. Don't worry though, they only pick on the ones they like!!!

  6. Training and instinct have served you well.

  7. I've often wondered what life would be like being oblivious.

  8. I have a go bag also. Officers make fun of some of the things I carry till they need it...... How many eggs you get?

  9. Texas Ghostrider, you hit it spot on. Always be prepared and I was aced out of any eggs.