Friday, May 15, 2009

Prying eyes

Once in a great while us motor dudes drop our motors. Not the hard crash into a car or a car into us, just the simple "oops, it fell on its side" type stuff with little or no damage. It's not a fun thing to have happen, number one because it's embarrassing as motorist drive by and see your Harley on its side. Second, they're freakin' heavy and a bitch to pick up by yourself, lest you want to call your motor partners up to give you a hand (usually the clapping type of helping hand and only of course after they've taken their numerous pictures for future humiliation).

One nice sunny morning all five of us were working in separate areas of South City. I had just completed a traffic stop when I hear my Nextel chirp. I see it's my Sergeant. I answer up and he asks, "Alright which one of you knuckle heads dropped your bike?"

I replied, "Wasn't me, I only do that in training. You better check Juan Jalisco, he's good for that every now and then." Well sure enough, it was Juan Jalisco. Thankfully he wasn't hurt or the motor either. What had happened was after clearing his traffic stop, Juan got on his motor to ride off. As he began a sharp turn the engine hesitated and caused the motor and rider to fall over.

Unbeknown to Juan, a wife of one of our Sergeant's worked in the building where the motor fell over. A co-worker of the Sergeants wife asked her if she knew if that motor officer was alright that had "crashed" in front of the building. Well the Sergeant's wife not knowing either, called her Hubby Sergeant and asked him. Well Hubby Sergeant didn't know either so he called the motor Sergeant....

Well the motor Sergeant sure as heck didn't know which one of his guys dropped his motor, hence the round of Nextel direct connect calls.

One of our traditions when one of us does something stupid like dropping our motor or anything else we deem appropriate is to use a pink rabbit sippy cup to drink coffee out of when we go to our local Starbucks.

You'd think pink and LAPD blue would clash.......

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