Saturday, May 16, 2009

You're not special either!

I worked overtime last Saturday thanks to the State of California's Office of Traffic Safety and their click it or ticket grant. It's pretty amusing to see the faces of drivers as they all know too well that us motor types don't work the weekends.... easy pickings.

I decided to head out to the east side of South City and found a nice spot on the center median of one of our busy roadways we comically refer to as a "speedway". It was a very nice day, bright and sunny. This spot on the center median is a small pedestrian path and it gave me the perfect vantage point along with the direction the sun was shining to watch my prey approach.

It didn't take long for my first "rag" of the day. I see this SUV go by, driver wearing a brown shirt and no shoulder belt over his shoulder and across his chest.

I enter the speedway and quickly catch up to the SUV where I proceed to turn on my emergency lights to let the driver know he's been caught.

Of course as in most cases when I contact the driver the seat belt is on and they don't have the slightest clue about why they were stopped. I noticed the gray belt coming over his shoulder and across his chest and stood out against his brown shirt.

I tell him why I stopped him and he just lets out a deep sigh. After getting his driver license, registration and insurance card he tells me who he is. Yep it said the same thing on his driver license except the other fact which he told me that he was a retired pro baseball player from the Oakland Athletics.

I guess he figured that would get him out of a seat belt ticket... NOT! While I was standing by my motor scratching out his seat belt rag he must have thought "Maybe he isn't an A's fan."

When I re-approached his driver door with his ticket. He looked at me and said "No break for the old Giant eh?" Nope not today, press hard 3 copies.

Remember people, you have a better chance of winning the lotto or some state power ball before being given a break by a motor cop.

So yeah, I got his autograph, right inside the high lighted box with the words "Without admitting guilt, I promise to appear at the time and place indicated below."

I don't find this as blatant or offensive as those persons of the 11-99 foundation who abuse their membership by flaunting their bronze placards, license plate frames and vinyl 11-99 emblazoned vehicle registration holders.

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