Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RHIP (rank has it's priviliges)

The Sergeant and I were riding around tandem on a "training" ride. We rode through several local jurisdictions when he remembered he had a meeting to attend.

So we kind of stepped on it and moved out so he'd get to his meeting on time. As we're riding he gets my attention and points at his gas gage. When we stopped at the next stop light he tells me his low fuel light was on and he didn't know how long it's been on.

We were about a mile and a half away from the PD where his meeting was. We round a corner as I heard his motor sputter. He motions to me that he's got to pull over. Now here we are on one of our city's main thoroughfares and he's run out of fuel. It was five minutes to meeting time. My gas tank was almost full.

Yeah you guessed it. He pulled that "I've got Sergeant stripes on my sleeve and you have none." He tells me, "Hey I hate to do this 2WT, but I'm commandeering you motor so I can get to my meeting." I don't think he really hated it as he was laughing when he rode off.

Me I had to request a tow truck via our dispatch center. The dispatcher asked the need for a tow. Of course I had to let everyone know why.... "Because the Sergeant ran out of gas."

I had several motorists stop and ask if everything was okay. Yeah of course, I just figured I'd turn on the motor's hazard lights on, park on the shoulder of the road and stand here looking important.

In retrospect, I should have played ignorant and pretended not to understand the Sergeant's gestures to pull over and ridden off, down the roadway. Next time I'll know better.


  1. Nice payback! I would have thrown him under the bus over the air as well! He better at least buy you code 7!

  2. Should have stood next to the motor with your LIDAR looking like you're working. ;)