Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Motor Cop in a car

Due to inclement weather, we're forced from two wheels onto four wheels. I get the whole safety aspect of this, but being in a car sure sucks. I guess one positive thing is the car stereo.

We have these dash cameras installed in all of the department's patrol cars. They record audio and video whenever the emergency lights are turned on in a Code 3 situation. So when we "bust" intersections they'll be recorded along with the vehicle's speed. Big Brother is watching......

Us motor cops really aren't too familiar with how this system works. We usually have one of the patrol guys explain how to set it up.

Needless to say, I get dispatched to a 11-79, cop talk for a traffic collision with an ambulance en route. It usually means injuries, but not always. Well this call just happened to be at the very south end of South City and the quickest way to get there is via the interstate.

I've got lights and siren going, slowing to make sure each intersection between the office and the interstate are clear before I drive through. Being a motor cop and making Code 3 runs on a motorcycle, although fun, is very dangerous and because we don't have all that metal around us and our real only protection is the brain buckets we wear other than real super defensive riding. This cautious approach to riding Code 3 also carries over to and makes good practice for a patrol car on a Code 3 run.

I think it would be a good experience for every cop to make a Code 3 run on a motor on busy city streets. It'll teach you to be more cautious if you're not and will truly give you an appreciation of all that metal around you, seat belt and airbag. It'll probably also convince you that motor cops must have some kind of death wish.

Riding is an addiction, I've been addicted since around 7 years old. Not a bad addiction when you consider all of the other types of addictions out there.

So I'm on the interstate with lights and siren blaring. The traffic was moderate as it was near the end of the morning salmon run (morning commute). All of the cars which were ahead of me yielded to the right as the law requires, but you know there has to be at least one idiot on the road and I was quickly catching up to him.

So this whole Code 3 run is being recorded audio and visually. So as I catch up to Jack Ass, I switch over to another siren pattern to try and get his attention. As the sounds of the different sirens doesn't appear to be getting his attention, I hit the horn button. Jack Ass is still oblivious to all the flashing LED lights, loud sirens, and horn.

I'm not going to pass to Jack Ass's right as he'll probably then yield to his right and two cars going "bump" is not a good thing at freeway speeds.

I finally see the right turn signal of Jack Ass's car come on and he slowly and finally moves to the right. As I passed Jack Ass I looked out my right front passenger window as he looked back at me.

Mouth over mind took over as I looked at him and yelled "Fucking Idiot" I don't know if Jack Ass could read my lips, but hey no harm, no foul.

The traffic collision turned out to be with minor injuries, no one going to the hospital which is always a good thing. My partner arrives on scene and tells me that I could replay the entire Code 3 run.

Oops, audio recording, slow Jack Ass who is clueless to all the flashing lights behind him, and mouth over mind. Yep, clear as day you could hear "Fucking Idiot".

Oh well, we'll see if the tapes are reviewed and scrutinized. Big Brother is watching and listening, very scary and that's coming from a cop....