Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We've all heard the numerous oxymoron's like "military intelligence", and "close proximity". I saw another one the other day while riding down the interstate. It was on a billboard advertising for employment opportunities for the CDC (California Department of Corrections).

For those of you who are fortunate or unfortunate enough to live in California, CDC is the agency who run the state prisons in the golden state.

As I drove by the billboard I noticed CDCR and read the following in parenthesis "California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation".

Rehabilitation!? What fucking liberal came up with that?

My idea of rehabilitation is a single, 9mm, 38 cal, 40 cal, 45 cal slug to the head.... more air for us. Now that's rehabilitation with a guarantee!


  1. Dude, love your blog! I linked you at mine.

  2. P.S. LOVED the magic pen post!

  3. I hope you're all right. I've been seeing and reading all of the horrible news out of Oakland, and I've been thinking of you. I know that's up your way.

  4. You have described the most effective rehabilitation tools that we have at our disposal, and I must say COST effective also!! I bullet or shotgun shell $1.00 more if you go for namebrand, 1 year in a correctional institution at a minimum $35,000. plus medical,dental, and programs.
    Yes a bullet is the correct choice, especially after what happened in Oakland the other day.
    May those Brothers rest in peace!!!

  5. A good friend of mine (who works in law enforcement) calls it the California Department of Corrections and Recidivism.

    I think he's on to something.

  6. Anonymous, I think your friend has it absolutely correct!