Thursday, March 5, 2009

A couple that argues together....

Several years ago working as a motor officer with my previous agency, my motor partner whom I still work with at my current agency in the same capacity used to run radar on a particular frontage road which paralleled the freeway. This road would become a speed way when the traffic on the freeway became too congested.

So there I was parked beneath a shady Elm tree by a driveway patiently waiting for the salmon run to begin. It didn't take long as I spotted this SUV which looked to be exceeding the posted speed limit. With my handy-dandy LIDAR I get a speed reading of 66 mph, 21 mph over the speed limit.

I placed the LIDAR in my motor's right saddle bag and take off after the violator. I get behind the SUV and turn on my emergency lights and a few blasts of the siren to get the driver's attention. He pulls into a parking lot of some town homes along the roadway.

I contact the driver who obviously has no clue as to why I stopped him. While I'm telling him he was stopped for speed, the driver's wife just lets into him. She sure had a potty mouth. Her colorful, sailor like vocabulary brought me back to my old Navy days back in the P.I. (Philippine Islands).

Her ass chewing became so bad that the driver asked me if he could get out of his car. "No" I told him. "you need to remain inside your vehicle." As I scratched out a rag for the speeding driver, I looked over at him and saw that he had his arms on the steering wheel with his head down.

I thought that I would relish this moment as she continued her colorful endearing words for her hubby by taking my time to write the ticket. Needless to say, it was one of the neatest, legible printing I have done on a ticket (tell me your in a hurry and I'll give you a nice, legible ticket too).

So by the time I walk back up to the driver door, I'm half expecting the driver to asked for a self committal 72 hour psychological evaluation. He signs the ticket and I give him his copy. As I walked back toward my motor, I turned around when I heard the SUV door open.

The driver told me that he was just changing places with his wife as she was going to be the responsible driver. So off the happy couple go driving off into the sunset in marital bliss.

I'm standing there next to my motor and writing my notes on the back of my copy of the ticket just in case this guy decides to exercise his right to a personal appearance. I hear my motor partner on the radio. He was parked about a half mile down the same frontage road.

I'm not paying real close attention to his radio traffic until I hear him call out the license plate. It sounded so familiar. I turned my ticket over and saw that it was the same license on the vehicle I had just cited. The Dispatcher was on top of her game as she informed my motor partner the vehicle was just stopped by me and it was clear in the system.

Payback is a bitch as I later learned that Hubby was using his best colorful descriptives of his wife for being stopped for speeding.

They never did exercise their right for a personal appearance at our local court. It would have been funny to have both Hubby and Wifey in court as defendants driving the same vehicle on the same day, same roadway and getting a ticket by the only two motor officers with this police agency.


  1. LMAO!! And I thought we had all the 5150's up here!!! Your blog just has to be the best medicine after a day on the job!!!