Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You can always count on your fellow motor partners to be there when you need them.... and sometimes when you don't.

This story was told to me by the officer who was the victim of this jovial reception. 

Like most cities, the Motor Officers by virtue of their mobility accompanied with speed more times than not, make them the first Officers on scene of many crimes in progress.  Usually bank robberies.

In this neighboring city they have a BART station and it was reported that the suspect of this bank robbery had gotten onto the train to make his escape.  Five Motor Officers arrived at the BART station, boarded and began checking the train for the bad guy.

Before the doors closed (and don't open back up until you get to the next station), 4 Motor Officers stood on the platform as the train headed westbound toward the adjoining city. Needless to say they immediately realized that one of their own (and not surprisingly) was now M.I.A.

Being concerned for their wayward colleague, they did like any typical motor unit would do... they waited for him to debark the next eastbound train back to their city. 

To pass the time, anxiously awaiting their lost, beloved brother motor to return back to his jurisdiction they made up signs saying things such as, "Welcome Home Bernard", "We Missed You", and "Looking For Lost Motor Officer, If Found Dial 911".

Imagine his surprise as he stepped off of the train with the numerous passengers and to be greeted by this motley motor crew.  One of the officer's was kind enough to pick some flowers to present to the wayward officer as he walked up to them.

The camaraderie of this profession presents itself in many, many ways.  Way to go fellas! 


  1. I hope you will continue to share your stories with us! I have been getting a strange message for the last few days that you have made your blog limited access. I hope that if that is the case, I may be allowed to have access........


  2. Firecap5, I've had a problem with my IP and have had to reset everything on this blog. It should once again be accessible to anyone and everyone. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. glad to see you're back on the air - you disappeared there for a bit!