Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid question Einstein

Okay, I tend to look at situations as an intelligence test.  Not the type you take on paper by answering the question by darkening the bubble in with a number 2 pencil.  I'm talking about real life situations which cause you to have to make a decision.  

Sounds easy huh.... I've arrived at the conclusion many, many, many years ago from doing this job that unfortunately (or fortunately for job security) that there are a lot of stupid people out there. 

Here's the test, see what answer you come up with.

You're driving through a neighborhood and come to a 4-way intersection controlled by stop signs. When you stop, you see a black and white police motorcycle parked at the far side of the intersection with yours truly standing next to it.

Beyond the parked police motorcycle and officer and in view are seven BRT's, big red trucks with emergency lights flashing and guys wearing yellow turn-out firefighting gear, SCBA's... you know the whole freakin nine yards.  

In addition to all of this, there are numerous fire hoses crossing the roadway and beyond that was billowing black smoke coming out of the roof of a home.

Now for the hard part.... do you:    
A) Turn right    
B) Turn left     
C) U-turn     
D) Ask the polite officer if you can drive around his motorcycle or 
E) A, B, or C

Now if you chose "E" because making a right, left or U-turn sounds common sensicle (is that a word? who gives a shit anyways) give yourself a nice pat on the back because you are an anomaly in comparison with the rest of the general motoring public.

Now Einstein drives up and stops.  He rolls down his window and waves his hand, motioning for me to come over to his car.  I waved back.  He motioned a second time, I waved back a second time.  Einstein gets a clue and drives closer because I ain't walking over.

Remember in school when the teacher said there's no such thing as a stupid question..... IT'S NOT TRUE!

Einstein: "Officer, what happened?" (and the fire was still raging)
2WT: "You're kiddin me, right?"
Einstein: "Did something happen?"
2WT: "Yeah, a cat is stuck up in a tree."
Einstein: "Really?"
2WT: "Really"
Einstein: "Wow" and drives away.



  1. You are horrible.

    I need to try that some day.

  2. Now that guy is, oh heck, what can I say?? Moron doesn't cover it.

    Made me laugh my rear off though!!