Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sounds like he's in pursuit!!

Occasionally when you hear an officer talking on the police radio channel and hear the sound of a siren along with it, everybody usually stops what ever they are doing to see if that officer is in pursuit of a vehicle.

While sitting in the office one day, we hear one of our motor cops making a traffic stop over the radio.  As he spoke over the air we could hear the sound of a siren very loudly in the background. The rest of us in the office grabbed our helmets and quickly began walking toward our parked motors, putting on our helmets as we neared them.  

The dispatcher was "on top of it" as she heard the same siren and asked the officer, "Mary19 are you in pursuit?"

There was a deafening silent pause over the air as nobody dared to talk, waiting for the officer's reply. Finally after what almost seemed an eternity we heard Mary19 reply, "Negative, but I think South City Fire Department might be."  It was the SCFD BRT (Big Red Truck) driving by code 3 for some call they were responding to.

Seeing as how we were all out of the office with helmets on, we figured it was a good time to head to Starbucks for a cup.

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  1. ya think the same thing happens to the fireboys when you ride by?