Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't count on back-up from a Coward

Early on in my career as a Deputy I worked at the Main Jail.  Is it a fun place to work, no, not really.  The one true beneficial aspect of "baby sitting" society's pieces of shit is that they love to brag.  

If you use that to your advantage you can get quite the education on how our customer base operates.  You can learn an awful lot of street smarts through these criminals, so by the time you rotate to patrol division you're familiar with their "game".  You know how to "walk the walk and talk the talk", feel me? 

Some touchy feely liberal came up with this "direct supervision" philosophy.  And what the hell is that?, your asking yourself.  Direct supervision is this: You are in the housing unit where these criminals are living.  No glass, no heavy metal door separating you from them.  You carry your mace, handcuffs, and portable radio and have a podium with the computer and logs you keep.

During the inmates "free time" if the housing unit population was 50 or lower (which was always a rarity) they'd all be out of their cells doing what they do.  How they came to the number of 50 inmates versus 1 Deputy I'll never know.  

So you spend your entire shift on a housing unit penned up with all of these ass holes.  They didn't want to be there any more than I did.  Funny how they all say "I really didn't do it."

This event happened after I had left the main jail and was doing what I got into this career for, and that was driving a patrol car and "hookin and bookin" the bad guys, dropping them off for my fellow Deputies still working at the jail.

So every shift and every Deputy working a housing unit is responsible to conduct a window and lock check of each cell.  This is done to ensure that the security screen covering the window and the door lock haven't been tinkered with.

This housing unit had two Deputies assigned due to the high inmate population.  The inmate population was so great that all 65 rooms were filled with two cretins and as many almost filled bunkbeds out on the bottom floor of the housing unit.  Deputy No-balls was entering each cell doing the window / lock check while Deputy Do-right watched from the floor.

Deputy No-balls entered the cell of two inmates who were privileged to be housing unit workers, meaning they brought the trays of food during meals to each cell and were allowed extra privileges like more "free time", more telephone time, etc.

Deputy No-balls sees the security screen almost completely torn from the cell wall with the window exposed.  The inmates charged Deputy No-balls in an attempt to take him hostage. Deputy Do-right saw the commotion and ran up the stairs to the upper tier to aid his fellow Deputy.  

Deputy No-balls was able to get out of the cell and ran along the upper tier to the opposite staircase.  Meanwhile Deputy Do-right is now in a fight with one of the inmates as the second inmate was in pursuit of Deputy No-balls.

According to Deputy Do-right, he saw and heard Deputy No-balls running, screaming as he was chased around the housing unit.  Deputy Do-right was over powered by the inmate from the cell as well as one who decided to jump off of his bunk and "help a brutha out".  Deputy Do-right was knocked unconscious with his own flashlight and suffered a concussion.

Meanwhile Deputy No-balls was caught by is pursuer and did not put up a fight and received an ass whipping (rightfully so).  

How this all came to an end was some good inmate (believe that!) got off of his bunk and hit the intercom button near one of the housing unit doors.  When the control room answered he told them what was happening.

The control room put out an 11-99 (meaning the officer / deputy is in the shit and needs help) as preassigned Deputies responded to the housing unit.  The two inmates gave up without a fight and lay face down on the floor as the Deputies entered the housing unit.

What is up with this newer generation of Deputy which responded to the housing unit?  Bad guys just give up, two Deputies injured, one seriously! and it's all good!!  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about a good ass kicking to those two pieces of shit.  Well Deputy Do-right was transported to the hospital for his injuries and was later released.  He has since left the department for greener pastures and I hear is doing great.

Deputy No-balls was moved to transportation and is working the "desk".

It was later determined that the two turds were in jail for murder and had a real good reason for trying to get out of there and doing what they did.

I have a problem with some of this.....
#1 Why and who moved those two turds into the same cell had his head up his ass.  

#2 Fight or Flight... Deputy No-balls chose flight and screamed like a bitch running around the housing unit.  It was not a tactical retreat, he was scared and disgraced every gun toting, badge wearing person. 

This leads me to a few questions, like why didn't he use his mace, or radio to request assistance?, or push that special button on the radio which signals a 11-99 to the control room operator?

Deputy Do-right chose fight and never gave up.  In hindsight he might have requested help via his radio, used his mace.  I don't know.  I wasn't there.  Although I can say that when I've seen a brother or sister Officer / Deputy in a fight, my first thought is to help them first. 

#3 How in the FUCK do you leave your beat partner at a time when he was expecting you to help him!!!!!!!

#4 Why the Deputies who responded didn't give those two mother fuckers a beat down or an "elevator ride" I'll never know.  The attitude sure has changed there since I left.  The crew I worked with would have. Old School versus New School.  

I know there are those of you who don't agree with my opinion on #4, but remember what they say about opinions...... and if you don't, allow me to tell you.... Opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one and they usually stink.

I believe that 99.9% of persons in our profession wouldn't hesitate to help an officer or citizen in dire need of assistance, even knowing that we may become a statistic ourselves and find our names chiseled into some wall at a memorial.

I personally could not look in the mirror at myself or face my peers for any inaction's on my part which caused the serious injury or death of a fellow officer or citizen and I would leave this profession.

I've learned early on while in the military that when the shit hits the fan, I'm one of the few persons you'll see running toward the fan, rather than away, which is the attitude and actions of 99.9% of our profession.  I've faced the shit hitting the fan too many times and have nothing to prove to my peers.

To Deputy No-balls who belongs to that .1% of cowards, pussies or how ever you want to call it. If your reading this, you know I'm writing about you.  How dare you not help your beat partner when he was COUNTING on you.

You fucking disgrace the uniform, the badge, and most importantly you tarnish the names of all brave Officer's / Deputies and their families who paid the ultimate price to keep society safe and whose names are chiseled into the walls of Peace Officer Memorials around our great country.  FUCK YOU!

How dare you to continue to wear the uniform and badge which you have so greatly disrespected with your cowardice.

My advice to you, yes you, Deputy No-balls is to get out of this profession before you get someone else seriously injured or killed you pussy.

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