Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You aught to know better!

I was parked at one of my fishing holes where I specifically target drivers without seat belts and or talking on their cellular telephones. I watched this car drive by and could see a female seated in the right rear passenger seat with her back up against the door window and not wearing a seatbelt.

I pull onto the roadway and jumped on the throttle, nothing sounds like a Harley haulin' ass. I stopped behind the car which was stopped in traffic. I saw the female place her back against the rear seat back. To my surprise I watched her lift an infant from her lap and place it in a child restraint safety chair.

I'm thinking, wow the infant not in a safety seat... that's a pretty hefty fine." I stopped the car and spoke to the driver and his wife who was the rear passenger.

The wife told me that her child was being fussy so she removed him from the safety seat and tried to calm him down. She then proceeded to tell me that she is a registered nurse at our local hospital. I guess she thought "this is my get out of jail free card".

The nurse also started name dropping, "Do you know Officer so and so? or how about Officer such and so forth?" My reply, "Never heard of them."

Me: "Ma'am I'll be writing a ticket for the seat belt violation and the infant not in a child safety seat."

RN: "Are you serious, you're going to give me a ticket?, what about showing some professional courtesy?"

Me: "I sure am and as far as professional courtesy goes, you of all people should know better about seat belts saving lives."

Well the RN was obviously not happy about getting a ticket as her husband began to chime in about giving them a break. I replied to him that since he was the driver of the vehicle, he had the responsibility to make sure all of the car's occupants were fastened in.

I asked hubby and wife how'd they feel if some head up ass driver had smashed into their car causing baby to become a projectile within their car. I know if I had caused serious injury or death to someone I dearly love, I would never be able to look myself in the eye, nor would I ever be able to forgive myself.

Hopefully a lesson was learned without having to experience the trauma of losing a child.

Just because you work in the medical profession doesn't automatically get you out of a ticket. If you won't think about the safety of your child, then I will with a nice reminder of one of the three copies you pressed hard on to be your personal invitation to our local court.

And to the RN. If your reading this, schedule your traffic court trial on a Wednesday or Thursday. I love the overtime.