Saturday, February 14, 2009

One of those calls

Every now and then you get dispatched to one of those, "I can't believed someone called in about this!" type of calls.

So I'm 10-8 (in service) and RALB (riding around lookin' bitchin') through South City enjoying the fact that I'm riding a motorcycle and it's freakin February!

I get dispatched to a concerned citizen about geese in the roadway and she's afraid someone will run them over.

So being the immature adult that I am, I advised the dispatcher, "I copy on the jaywalking geese, I'm familiar with the subjects and will advise on cover."  The dispatcher chuckled in her response of "10-4"

I get to the area where the reported felonious jaywalking Canadian feathered friends were last spotted.

2WT: "Mary18, '97'"(meaning I'm on scene) and Code 4 (everything is a-okay) on an area check.
Dispatch: "Copy 10-97, Code 4 area check."
2WT: "Mary18, I'm UTL (unable to locate).  The gaggle of geese were GOA (gone on arrival). I'm 10-8.
Dispatch: (laughing) Copy, the gaggle of geese are GOA."

It's not too often that we'll make the dispatchers laugh on the radio, the motor cops in our division make it a point to brighten their day.

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