Sunday, January 11, 2009

May I Take Your Order.....

Weekends are made for family, friends and fun.  It usually means no motor cops on duty too, which leads to stress free, care free driving.  Unless you shift your days around and work a Saturday or Sunday, like I did today (he he he).

I have this one duck pond along this busy major arterial roadway and during the later part of the day the unwary drivers are traveling into the sun with their sun visors down.  And of course I'm parked safely out of the way so as not to obstruct any traffic or in the public's eye, hiding spot.  

While parked at this location I see a lot of people driving without or improperly wearing their seat belts as well as chatting on their cellular phones, unbeknown to them a concerned public servant awaits sitting on a motorcycle ready to meet and greet them.

So there I was sitting on my motor minding my own "bidness" when this guys drives up off the road and into where I'm safely parked near the entrance of a fast food restaurant.  I see he isn't wearing his seat belt and I'm not the greatest lip reader but it sure looked like he said "fuck" as he saw me.

So I decide to make a U-turn to have a chat.  But before I can even turn around, another car followed him into the parking lot.  After making my U-turn I'm following the seat belt violator stuck behind this second car.  

Well the driver pulls into the drive-thru as well as the car that had followed him into the parking lot.  I'm sure the driver is thinking he's home free, King's X, no ticket now....., but hey remember I'm a motor cop.  "A stats a stat and that's that.  Now rather than squeezing between the cars and follow this yahoo through the drive through as he orders his food, I decide to turn around and wait at the drive-thru exit.

Sure as gold, he pays for his food and grabs his bag charbroiled beef and leaves the drive-thru.  I then turn on my flashing emergency lights and stop the car in the parking lot.  I walk up to his door and tell him why I stopped him as he answers with a mouth full of food "You got to be kidding me!"  I replied "No sir, license, registration and proof of insurance."

I walk back to my motor and scratch out another seat belt rag....ORDER UP! as I explain the ticket to him and give him his copy after he signed it.  He says "I bet you love your job don't you!"  I replied "Does it show that much?"  

Now what ever gave him that idea....... service with a smile and in my line of work the customer isn't always right.  Hold the pickles and extra cheese please.    

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