Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new record!

There I sat on my motor in the shade of a big oak tree on this bright, beautiful day (God I love the weather in California, it's freakin' January and I'm still ridin' on two wheels!!).  

Parked next to me is my motor partner, Juan "ees no probleem" Jalisco.  We usually work in tandem and talk about anything and everything as we patiently wait for our prey to scoot by.

I'm parked closest to the curb of this business entrance.  We see the first of many prey to fall today from our "perch".  Juan Jalisco is on it as he chases down a driver wearing no seat belt.  

After a few minutes I see a white VW beetle go by and see the driver talking on a cellular phone. I'm off like a prom dress, as I whisk after the bug.  The bug stopped at a red arrow in a left turn lane.  I can see through the rear window that the driver is still talking on her cell phone.  

It is always funny to see how quick a drivers reflexes are when they're on their cell phones and see a cop.  I swear sometimes they're so quick to put the cell phone down, that if they were just as quick to bring it up to their ears they'd probably knock themselves unconscious.  

The driver sees me behind her and does the disappearing act with the cell phone.  We pull into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant where she asks me why I had pulled her over.  I took off my sunglasses, tilted my head to one side and gave her that "you've got to be kidding me" look.

She then says, "Okay, you caught me talking on my phone."

Okay, I'm gonna write you a ticket for talking on your phone......

So after the usual interaction with the driver, she leaves with her copy and says that she won't do it again (famous last words).  What she meant to say is "Hopefully I won't get caught again."  
So off she goes about her business, and off I go in search of more drivers who need a little educating.

About 45 minutes later, Juan Jalisco is on another car stop.  I cruise by his location to make sure everything is good as the driver was driving without a license (a towable offense in California with a 30 day impound).  Juan tells me he's "hokay" and I park at the other end of this parking lot watching passing motorists.

I see this VW beetle approaching and notice the driver, Wait a minute, she looks familiar!, no way!..... Way!  Its the same driver yapping away on her cell phone.  She sees me and it looked like she threw her cell phone down toward the right front passenger floorboard.

SCORE!  I stop the VW and recontact the driver who had nothing to say.  She automatically handed me her driver license, registration, and proof of insurance.  I told her "I don't need those, I'll just copy your info of the last ticket I gave you."  

Two cell phone tickets in 45 minutes to the same driver.  Who'd a thunk?


  1. She's probably the type who burned her hand on the stove repeatedly as a child...