Friday, January 2, 2009


Thank you for visiting this blog. I've been working on this blog as my spare time allows. I will attempt to update this blog as often as possible. If you're the impatient type, I recommend you read a fellow brother's blog at and enjoy. I hope my brother motor forgives me for starting my own blog, but I find this soooo therapeutic, plus I'm educating the general public. I'm not of the computer savvy generation nor as articulate as the author in the above referenced site, but I am learning as I go.

Just a quick one for everyone. 

Get a clue, will ya!

I made a traffic stop of a female speeding through a construction zone on one of our major roadways. The speed limit had been reduced to 35 mph. Mind you there are plenty of signs stating its a construction zone with the reduced posted speed limit. It just goes to show how observant the general motoring public is.

Besides the signs giving you a clue, I would think the things like, lets say orange cones, construction equipment, work crews along the side of the roadway and center median, I needn't go on with the hints.

For all the drivers I stop, I guess you could say I'm the biggest fucking clue they see in their rear view mirrors with my flashing emergency lights !!!!

So I stop this lady and contact her. She tells me the speed limit and how fast she was traveling. I tell her what the actual speed limit is, how fast she was indeed traveling (very rarely do we come up with the same numbers) and where all of the posted reduced speed limit signs are posted.

I tell her as I always tell the driver's I "meet" before I walk back to my motor, "Unfortunately I am going to be issuing a ticket for the speeding." This lady replies, "But I can't afford a speeding ticket." I stepped back from her driver door and looked at her car from the front to the rear and said, "This is a Mercedez right?" She gave me a clueless reply, "Yes, why."

I'll be right back with your ticket ma'am.

What I really wanted to say was "You can afford a Mercedez but can't afford to pay a damn ticket! Maybe you ought to sell that 'fucking' thing and drive a Yugo!"

Of course I have a job to do and being an educator and greeter, I scratched out a quick rag (motor cop lingo for "I wrote her a ticket.").

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